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How can I see the CPD hours for each course?

You can view amount of CPD hours on each course thumbnail image, or in the course's details.  

You can also sort courses by CPD hours by using the filter.

Can I get reimbursed for courses?

Contracted Affinity nurses receive access to our mandatory competencies at no cost to ensure these remain current on your placements. 

We also offer up to $500 education assistance. Please talk to your Placement Specialist to find out more*.   

*Eligibility criteria apply. 

Can I claim these courses on my tax return?

You may be able to claim these courses on tax if it is related to your current nursing area. Talk to your accountant or tax professional for advice on claiming course costs.

I want to transition to rural and remote nursing. What courses should I take?

It depends on what skills you already have. Most rural and remote placements require Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Triage skills. 

Our ALS and Triage courses are endorsed by ACN and great introductory courses for your transition.

Depending on your clinical background, we may need to plan out your placements to ensure you are exposed to the right mix of skills and experience.

The Primary Health Course is suitable for nurses who are looking for a general introductory course.  

If you are an Affinity Nurse, you can also reach out to our educators for a free consultation to help map out your learning and development goals.

I'm not a rural or remote nurse or midwife, do you have anything for me?

Yes, you can check out our mandatory bundle here to meet your annual CPD requirements.

If you are a midwife...

What's the difference between my Shopify account and my learning platform account (Skyprep)?

If you are new to our learning platform, an account will be automatically registered for you. You will need to use the login details of this account to access our online learning platform to finish your course.

On the other hand, a Shopify account is not compulsory, but you will be able to view all of your past orders.

Have more questions? Please chat to our friendly team.